WoW - Wrath of the Lich King


I've been playing a fair bit of WoW as of late, given that the new expansion was released last week, and all in all, it's really quite refreshing!

I just hit 80 on my new character some hours ago, a Paladin, as I wanted some change from what I was used to playing (Priest) - and... it was quite quite fun really!

My Paladin started out at 69.5 upon release, so I managed to get stuck in what could only be described as a primetime clusterfrell, really hopeless to get any kills in and impossible to get to the mobs you were supposed to. As such, I did a little early session to get slightly ahead of the "main zerg of levelers", and things were turning out good at that point.

Apart from the new continent, 10 more levels, talents and Death Knights, the main thing I find as the "new" thing here is that they've implemented vehicles. Not just mounts, but, armored vehicles, siege engines, trolls-you-sit-on-top-of and so on. These are really well designed, and they're scattered all over the questing areas, so you always get a break from the "standard quests" every now and then.

I want to describe two of the quests I remember now looking back at it in particular, one where I was riding a horse with an NPC as we were trying to escape werewolves, I was sitting back and tossing firebombs as the werewolves came closer, it was actually giving me a "hectic" feel that I haven't really experienced in the PvE leveling scene before.

The next one is one of the latter quests I did, where you're supposed to kill 10 drakeriders, however, they're flying fairly high - circling a tower, so you're equipped with a harpoon which I assumed would be pulling them off the dragons towards me, but, instead the harpoon pulled me onto the drake I targeted, and I was sitting on it as I was fighting the mob riding it. If I were to fall off, the fall would take about 20-25seconds before I'd actually hit the ground, so you got a fairly decent "epic" feel of the entire setting.

The leveling isn't fashined like the 1-70 with the levels requiring more and more xp, instead the xp needed is spread out almost evenly across 70-80, so you won't have to worry about the "long" grind at 79 really, they're all pretty much the same now, and can each be done in about 4-6 hours of focused questing based on my experience at least.

All in all, I'm now level 80, and I've been questing exclusively from start to end, with one and a half zone left to "do" quest-wise - meaning that there's plenty of room to quest exclusively, as well as skipping quests you don't feel like doing. The quest xp gained has been roughly doubled compared to what's standard pre-Lich King, so it's much too good to pass up really.

So ... the stats for my Paladin Mijax on Darkmoon Faire (EU)

Level 80 with 0 HKs, 0 Honor, 0 Marks and 5days 14hours 17minutes and 41seconds played.

Now, what to do next... that's the question!

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  • I want this!

    "Level 80 with 5days 14hours 17minutes and 41seconds played."

    In my case this'd be about 25 days and change...

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