WoW - Recruit a Friend and Dual Boxing

After having a run with Warhammer Online, I decided to check out World of Warcraft as they patched in the new talent trees for Wrath of the Lich King.

I initially found that my Priest hadn’t been nowhere near as decently buffed damage-wise as some of the other classes, and it would appear healing was a moot point for all the classes now, as the damage in general was way off.

So, I was thinking of just calling it, and keep messing around with other stuff, when I instead decided to see how overpowered the Paladin actually was, as I had heard some fairly crazy reports. My cousin averaging 1200-1300 arena-rating throughout several seasons actually managed to break past 1500 for instance. :)

Seeing how I didn’t have a Paladin, I had to level one! At that point I looked into the recruit-a-friend scheme that Blizzard offers, where you gain 3x experience while grouped with a friend you refer if you’re in a similar level-range. It has other perks such as summoning friends and granting levels as well, but those aren’t too relevant at present!

I checked a few posts regarding dual-boxing and so on, and decided to have a go at it, figuring my Paladin would be best off with a Shaman on follow to spam lightning and heals as needed!

Using windowed mode through the use of Maximizer, and keypress-sharing through AutoHotKey along with a few well defined macros, this turned out to be quite fun really! The insane burst of the Paladin combined with the shock spells from the shaman would usually leave the poor mob so annihilated that he’d start running in fear, or at the latter levels leave him open to the Paladin finisher - which seriously has to have a 200% critchance…

The leveling was INSANE, there’s simply no other way to put it. I ran through the starting human quests in Elwynn forest, and as I was completely done with them I’d enter Westfall and be level 15, roughly 5 levels over what I’d usually be. Most of the quests were also quite quick to finish due to the fact that you now have two characters annihilating the poor critters.

Progressing, I realized that I would need to screw up quite badly to “wipe” properly. With two bubbles, two resses, fairly decent armor in general and self-res to top it off there’s really no reason to die unless you want to.

As an example, I entered Stranglethorn at 32 and didn’t go elsewhere to level at all before I was done with the quests I wanted to finish (skipping some of the insane gathering quests) – at which point I was level 45. This being with no grinding at all, just performing the quests as quickly as possible and moving on.

Started the characters friday, level 60 Sunday, and fair enough, some people might say that I play slightly hardcore, I feel like I was playing relatively casually at least! It just gives out too much experience by design. :)

For me, this was really the most fun I’ve had in WoW in quite some time! It feels really great to make the two characters work as a single unit, and quite hectic when you got both characters on autorun through the undead-infested town in Western Plaguelands, and the one on follow is rooted – meaning you have to start steering two characters at the same time, each with 4+ mobs on them!

Only thing I didn’t care for AT ALL was the insane zombie-event that some guy, who I hope no longer works ANYWHERE near ANY design-related decisions at Blizzard, invented – basically letting anyone grief anyone, especially the poor lower level characters. I think Blizzard should acknowledge the fact that if they open the slight possibility of letting some people ruin things for others, there’s a LOT of people who will take advantage of it right away. Letting any player kill ANY quest NPC or NPC in general seems to be an utterly dodgy move, and I’m fairly sure that Blizzard might have lost a fair few customers on this event alone. If I had been a completely new player trying to level up before the expansion, I suspect I wouldn’t be extending the 30day initial period…

Though, Recruit-a-Friend and DualBoxing (well, two clients on one PC at least) is HIGHLY recommended! :)

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