StarCraft II - Achievements and all!

I’ve had a fair bit of fun with the SC2 achievements, as I’d rate myself as somewhat in the mid-range of RTS gaming, it’s nice to have some goals to challenge yourself with, and I feel that’s just what the SC2 achievements have done.

Starting with the pain of making it through the campaign for the first time, followed by the rather excellent Single Player Challenges, designed to teach you some key aspects of the game, I’ve now redone the campaign and sorted out a fair bit of achievements along the way – and I honestly feel my game improving as I manage to beat them, one by one.

I’d just like to post one of the more painful looking achievements here, and explain that it’s actually nowhere near as bad as it seems…

Hurry up: It’s Raid Night: Beat the Campaign on Normal in less than 8 hours.

I recently finished this one in roughly 5 ingame hours played, I say ingame hours – but it’s actually a lot shorter as playing on Fastest actually makes the seconds go quicker. I think for me, this was one of the more important achievements to get done, as I tend to be a lot more of a build-up person than I should be in these games, so having this looming over me was a great way of forcing me to be a bit more aggressive than I usually am.

I have a relatively safe route to go through the campaign for this here, I included my times for reference! 19 missions done here.

Time – Mission
02:31 - Liberation Day
04:50 - The Outlaws
20:12 - Zero Hour
11:28 - Smash and Grab
24:55 - The Evacuation
13:14 - The Devils Playground
24:24 - Outbreak
12:24 - Welcome to the Jungle
31:18 - The Dig
22:07 - Whispers of Doom
10:33 - A Sinister Turn
04:09 - Echoes of the Future
09:46 - Safe Haven
12:00 - The Moebius Factor
14:20 - Supernova
17:24 - Maw of the Void
15:06 - The Gates of Hell
23:29 - Belly of the Beast
30:07 - All In

Total: 5h 4m 17s

I missed out on the top protoss research, as I missed/forgot one in Welcome to the Jungle, both in Echoes of the Future and one more in Supernova. I actually thought I had less time remaining than I had, so rushed to Char without picking up more research.

Will also list Armory/Research here, note that some choices, like the SCV repair rate/fire suppression, isn’t taken here as I was relatively sure that I’d be able to hold off without those on Normal for speed – on higher difficulties, they’re much more tasty.

In terms of Armory, I upgraded Bunker x2, Missile Turret x2 (not needed), CC: Orbital Command. Marine x2, Medic x2, Siege Tank x2, Viking x2.

Laboratory: Ultra-Capacitors, Orbital Depots (speed!), Automated Refinery, Science Vessel, Fortified Bunker, Planetary Fortress, Hercules (not used), Regenerative Bio-Steel, Hive Mind Emulator.

Also got all mercenaries apart from Firebats.

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Now I’m just waiting for Blizzard to fix my 3 broken Mastery achievements… :|

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