StarCraft II

After playing the SC2 Multiplayer beta a fair bit, I wasn’t impressed with the game at all really – as whenever I fired up a game, it left me wanting to play HoN or WC3 instead!

I did, however, decide to grab the game – seeing how I’d most likely end up with it sooner or later, and was slightly pissed to see the insane digital download price compared to what retailers were selling the game for. So, decided to go for a mail order and wait another day before trying it out …

Now, having played the game for a few days – I have to say that the single-player Campaign in SC2 is in my view probably the best in its genre. The campaign as a whole has great cutscenes, dialog, missions and lasting incentives to do bonus missions. I don’t think I can explain how much I enjoyed doing that campaign – and with all things like that, the only complain is it being much too short! :)

There’s also another neat single-player feature added in there labeled Challenges, in which you take control of a few units and have to carry out certain objectives, created to make you improve your tactical skills and helps point out how to best use certain units.

Looking forward to the next chapter in the campaign-stories – should be heaps of fun!

Though… as far as multi-player goes, I’ll stick to WC3/HoN for now! :)

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