Rock Band and Guitar Hero CD

For some reason I wanted to make a CD with some of the songs I enjoyed from the GH/RB series, and it seems I spent a bit more time with this task than I anticipated at first. Here’s the end result…


I spent ages trying to figure out what to take out and put in to fit the magic 80min mark, and ended up with this list. I suspect I focused on the songs which I find really enjoyable and have a good guitar feel in them. Looking at it now I suspect maybe Learn To Fly isn’t quite fitting with the rest as it’s probably the only one without a distinct guitar-solo in it, but, still, really like it, so there it is!

I excluded some of the songs that I found a bit too noisy or songs which didn’t quite fit with the rest, as I’d like to add Through the Fire and the Flames, Epic and silly stuff like Still Alive, Skullcrusher Mountain and similar songs. For some reason I also really wanted to fit Cherry Bomb in there, but, think my sanity recovered in time…

Fairly satisfied with the results here, got it divided into a more relaxed first portion of it, then moving onto the heavier songs as you go along with the two “epic” songs in the middle and at the end.

I’ve really enjoyed listening to the Dream Theater songs, despite me not being able to complete Constant Motion on Rock Band yet, however, I was quite surprised to find that they were the only ones I managed to fit two of their songs in the end.

I should note that I haven’t really heard through all the RB2 songs properly yet, might change at that point! :)

GH2 - 4
GH3 - 1
RB1 - 5
RB2 - 1

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