Heroes of Newerth gone live!

Yesterday Heroes of Newerth moved out of beta and started its quest for paying users!  And I had some friends who were slightly worried about the number of players sticking around, as it seemed to attract quite a few of random people who are typically “freegame-nomads”.

I already bought the game a while back in beta, as I figured it’s not like it’s expensive – and the game gives you quite a bit of “fun value” for its money. Upon logging in I found that there were roughly 22000 users online yesterday at around 22:00 CEST, which seemed to increase as the time went by. This is quite a decent turnaround from the 50-60000 users who used to be logged on during the free beta, and anyone who’s worried about lack of users to play with seemingly shouldn’t be concerned at all.

This should also increase the overall quality of the games you participate in really, as there’s quite a few people who would just leave games and create new accounts as they saw fit, which is fairly annoying for the people who actually try to play.

No need to wait, if you enjoy DotA in general – go for Heroes of Newerth, it’s good fun really!

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