Guitar Hero Metallica Demo

The demo for the upcoming Guitar Hero: Metallica is now available for download at the Xbox Live Marketplace!

I decided to give it a try myself to see if there had been any revolutionary changes to the overall gameplay… (right) and found their “new feature”! This is based on the GH:WT engine, so all the current features there are included, but then they have added one of the popular features from the Rock Band achievers, where you now see how far inbetween the star-ratings you are.

The only thing I’d like them to add now is the gold-star concept from Rock Band, to give the achievers something a bit more hardcore to aim for, yet not as insane as the 100% requirement currently in place. By all means, keep the 100% as a separate level, make it platinum stars or something – but – it’s just quite fun to have a stretch-goal which isn’t quite at the 100%-mark yet, as that’s a really painful goal for most people.

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