Guitar Hero 2 - Finally!


(Imported from old blog 2008-06-23)

After discovering that I've improved greatly after playing Rock Band, I made it past the previous GH2-blockers Crazy On You and Freya and made it past most of the remaining songs. Hangar 18 proved to be fairly difficult, and needed quite a few runs to get it sorted, but it was nothing compared to the insanity of Free bird.

I'm nowhere near the insane people 5starring the last few songs on Expert and the main goal was just to make it past the song to be able to say I "beat the game", and it wasn't going to be easy, I've spent quite a few evenings while "watching" the euro soccer on my TV while playing Free bird on my monitor next to it.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the song, it's almost 10 minutes long and consits of a fairly slow paced 5minutes intro and moves over into insane guitar solos in the last part. The game divides the song into different parts, and for a comparison, Hangar 18 had 9 Guitar Solo sections while Free bird has 19, plus an outro which has some pain in it.

For the people who have actually made it to this song, I suspect a fair bit of the guitar solos should be relatively easy, but there are two sections which really causes trouble. First off the Guitar Solos C and D followed by some madness which looks to be easy, but really isn't - then the killer at solos I and J - both of which are bound to drag your meter down, and you'll most likely spend the time between them trying to work your meter back up while hoping for a full starpowerbar for the I and J. I found that for some parts I really had to shift my fingers out of the normal patterns you tend to use to get the stronger fingers to take care of the quick buttonmashing.

When I finally managed to make it past the last part, I have to admit to having a pulse slightly higher than average, and my arms were freezing up in nervousness, was quite quite hectic! But, managed to pull off the last segments without messing up properly for the 4star finish, and as such, I'm as free as a bird now, and this bird you cannot change!



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