FFXIV Open Beta and Concerns

As a long-time Final Fantasy fan I’ve been looking forward to the next online game with a fair bit of enthusiasm. However, the closed beta testing I was a part of didn’t convince me at all, and for those who know me – that’s a fairly worrying statement given that it’s both an mmo and a Final Fantasy game.

I’ll go into details on the actual gameplay after I’ve had some more time to see what they have fixed since I was in the closed beta, but there’s just a fair bit of extra annoyances that really put me down here.

The whole account management system is horrible and nowhere near intuitive, when you click to get accepted into the beta and need to search through the site and go through a ton of screens to simply apply the key to your account.

Furthermore, the performance in-game was quite horrible, as various other sites have mentioned, the graphics requirements are quite simply insane for a “casual-friendly” online game. Note that that might have improved since last time I played, but seeing how the launcher alone manages to slow down my PC, eat up more CPU and make my gfx fans go more crazy than on SC2 at 2560x1600 with Ultra settings in a 4v4 Zerg Insane AI match – it’s not a good sign in terms of performance in general.

All that said, head over to http://entry.ffxiv.com to check the game out for yourself!

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