EVE Online

So, while playing Diablo 3 and the new WoW Expansions, I've kept EVE Online running as an excellent game "on the side" when I want something slightly different. The insane risk/reward system and thrill of taking your hard-earned ships into hostile areas is quite refreshing really.

I'd recommend people that aren't adverse to steep learning curves and extremely brutal "death penalties" to give the game a go, if you're slightly careful like me, I'd recommend giving the exploration route a go initially, and then progress into the slightly harsher parts of the game later on.

Another interesting thing is how the game has quite a bit of data for third party developers, so, I've made a bunch of calculations, namely how to maximize profit when it comes to industry and the Planetary Interaction. So, here's the first actual link to my "MijEveTools" project, http://eve.mijanweb.com/ 

I've hidden some of the more "interesting" features here, but give the manufacturing overview and Pi page a go, I don't think anyone else lists PI profits quite like that, which, I found to be weird...

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