Dark Souls 2 - Update

After having played through Dark Souls 2 now, I have to strongly encourage everyone with a controller to pick up the game and give it a go. If you don't have a controller, buy a decent one and get the game - or simply get the game for console!

The rewarding feeling of beating some of the challenges in the game is simply the best I've had as far as I can remember. Whenever I die I "learn" something and improve my game - and I think this is the first game I can remember since Knights of the Old Republic 10 years ago where I finished the game and jumped straight into a new game. The added difficulty playthroughs are also very well done and ensures challenges and actual replayability.

The PvP in this game is also a lot more fun than I initially anticipated. I should record some of my way over the top backstabs with my strength character and put it out there, but in short, this game is probably the first of its kind where I actually *really* enjoy 1v1 duels.

The start of the game is slightly harsh, but once you get into the mechanics and realize the customizability of your character, you're in for a very fun ride!

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